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We need your help. Team Rise wouldn’t exist without the support of the local community. We’re supporting more individuals than ever and help from East Lancashire organisations is crucial to our existence. Businesses can now help by becoming an Official Team Rise Sponsor.

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Website logo/links, banners, promotion at events. Enhance your business awareness and reputation.

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Shout about the partnership in your own marketing strategy and activities.

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Contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibilities.

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What our members say

“I loved going to Zip World in Wales and talking to my friends and going to new places and trying new things.”

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“I like to go all different types of places like the Art Museum and Burnley Football Club. Team Rise are all very organised when we go out on trips and I love them all”

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“I absolutely love going to Manchester and I loved our holiday at Pontins. I like the friends I made and the teachers who have helped me to become the person I am.”

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“The favourite places I have visited was Funny Girls, and Manchester University Museum. I love being with my friends at Team Rise and celebrating my achievements”

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“I loved Helmshore textile museum and all the people that are here. It’s brilliant fun and you learn new things.”

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“The favourite place I have visited with Team Rise is Pontins because it was two days away with all my friends and all the music was good. I like coming here and meeting all my friends and like going to all different places on Friday with them. I also get a chance to see my girlfriend at Team Rise”

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“I love going to Team Rise parties and going to all museums too. I love seeing all my friends and making new friends. I also love seeing the volunteers and Sharon and Debra.”

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