16 November

Great Bid news!

During this difficult and dark period there is a bright light shining on TEAM RISE. We have been awarded 3 grants, to say I’m chuffed is an under statement!
The grants have been awarded by the following wonderful organisations
The Lottery grant to help us put on additional sessions, ensuring all our members can spend time at TEAM RISE.
The River and Canal Trust to help us support our members to get out and about, cycling and walking along our beautiful canals and in our gorgeous countryside.
The Clinical Commissioning Group to help all understand different cultures and how we can all get along in this world.
Without this support we could not support these activities and we are all truly grateful. I would also like to thank Debra and Daniel for all their help during this time and also our marvellous volunteers who continue to support TEAM RISE, their help is invaluable to us.
Last, but certainly not least, a big thank you to all our members, they have been incredible and have had to adapt to a very different TEAM RISE, they are a credit to all of us and should be very proud, I know I am. Loads of love and virtual hugs Sharon x

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