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16 January

T.E.A.M R.I.S.E Charity Sky Dive 2018

Sky Dive and raise money to support learning disabled and disadvantaged individuals. Are you brave enough?

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We are holding our annual tandem sky dive event to raise money for our cause! Would you like to get involved? Here’s the details:

Date: Saturday 8th September 2018
Location: Black Knights Parachute Centre (BKPC), Cockerham, Lancaster, LA2 0DY
Sponsorship: You need to raise a minimum £350; this equates to £230 for the cost of the jump & £120 contribution to T.E.A.M R.I.S.E Project. Any additional funds above the £350 requirement are greatly appreciated.
Weight Limits: 15 stone for men & 13 stone for women – BMI & fitness are taken into account. If you are 1-stone above these weights, please phone us to discuss, as depending on your BMI, you still may be able to jump.
Aged 18 to 39: You will self-declare you are fit on the day of your jump.
Aged 16 or 17: Bring your parent/s or guardian/s with you on the day and photo ID to confirm you are under 18 years of age.

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On the day of the jump
Instructor: A qualified British Parachute Association Instructor will accompany you when you jump
Transport: You are responsible for making your own way to & from the venue
Time of Arrival: To be confirmed nearer to the jump date, but be prepared to allow the whole day, as skydiving can only take place when the weather conditions are suitable
Spectators: More than welcome
Café: There is a café on site
Not Permitted: Dogs, drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the airfield
Clothing: Please wear comfortable clothing such as a track suit and a pair of trainers. You will be provided with a skydiver’s jumpsuit to go over your clothes
Training: All training will be provided on the day
Equipment: You will be fitted with the tandem parachute harness & equipment

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Would you like to take part? Join as an individual or as a group, we are currently running our sky dive event as a corporate challenge for local businesses, the biggest fundraiser WINS a prize! For more information simply drop us an email on abigail.naylor@teamrise.org.uk or give us a call on 01282 427874.

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