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14 December

Carol Singing at the Heather Grange Nursing Home

We celebrated Christmas with the residents of the Heather Grange Nursing Home!

On Monday 11th December we spent a couple of hours with the residents of Heather Grange in Burnley. We really enjoy singing carols so we thought we would take our fabulous singing voices on tour and we loved it!

carol singing nursing home 1

Here at T.E.A.M R.I.S.E we think it is very important to give back to the community and we really enjoy meeting new people, both younger and older. We had a fabulous time singing along to carols with the residents and they said they loved having us there. We sang songs such as We wish you a merry Christmas, Silent Night, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and more!

carol singing nursing home 2

In the pictures above and below you can see our members, Jade, Jonathon, Lisa, Jordan, Emma, Brian, Janet, Jason, Daniel and Andrew as well as our amazing manager, Sharon, also known as Beyonce.

carol singing nursing home 3

Would you like us to come and sing with you? We would happily come and join you for a sing song! Just give us a call on 01282 427874 and we can arrange a visit.

carol singing nursing home

Here is a quick video clip from our Christmas get together where we sang carols, ate mince pies, drank hot chocolate and won prizes on the tombola!

and yes, we know you were thinking it, we will be this year’s Christmas number one 😉

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