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What our members say

“I loved going to Zip World in Wales and talking to my friends and going to new places and trying new things.”

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“I like to go all different types of places like the Art Museum and Burnley Football Club. Team Rise are all very organised when we go out on trips and I love them all”

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“I absolutely love going to Manchester and I loved our holiday at Pontins. I like the friends I made and the teachers who have helped me to become the person I am.”

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“The favourite places I have visited was Funny Girls, and Manchester University Museum. I love being with my friends at Team Rise and celebrating my achievements”

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“I loved Helmshore textile museum and all the people that are here. It’s brilliant fun and you learn new things.”

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“The favourite place I have visited with Team Rise is Pontins because it was two days away with all my friends and all the music was good. I like coming here and meeting all my friends and like going to all different places on Friday with them. I also get a chance to see my girlfriend at Team Rise”

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“I love going to Team Rise parties and going to all museums too. I love seeing all my friends and making new friends. I also love seeing the volunteers and Sharon and Debra.”

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The People Behind It All

Meet our dedicated team of volunteer’s and read what they do for us here at Team Rise.

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